Elastogum, extensible fixation bandage

“That stuff is amazing!”

Elastogum® protects wounds against water and dirt. Secures plasters and bandages. The product offers the following combination of benefits over regular plasters and bandages:

+   Waterproof and breathable
+   Adheres to itself
+   Elastic in both length and width
+   Perfect fit
+   Strong

Waterproof and breathable

Your wound is kept dry. The protection remains breathable which helps the healing process.


Elastogum® does not stick to wounds, hair or skin and can be removed painlessly.

Flexible and strong
Elastogum® is made from crepe rubber, a robust, yet flexible material. It offers strong protection against any further knocks or scrapes for people who need to keep active after sustaining injury.

TÜV Rheinland Netherlands B.V. tested Elastogum® as both breathable and waterproof at the same time.