SILIGUM, earplugs


Our Siligum earplug is meant to be inserted in the external portion of the ear canal to protect the wearer’s ears from the intrusion of water, loud noises or excessive wind. Siligum is uncolored and offers the best protection for both adults and children.

Siligum earplugs are soft, moldable, colorless and comfortable for long-term use.

Protection against water
Siligum earplugs are primarily designed to keep water out of the ear canal, especially during swimming and other watersports.We advice to swim with Siligum to a depth of 5 metres max. They come in two seperate sizes for both adults and children.

Hearing protection
Siligum silicone earplugs can be carefully molded to fit over the external portion of the ear canal, providing a snug custom fit for the wearer. Siligum is especially useful to people exposed to excessively noisy devices or environments. Siligum earplugs can also be used to protect the user while blocking external sounds that may prevent or disrupt sleep.

Siligum is washable and can be used several times.